Graphic Beach Tote

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Efficient + Durable + Bold = Sporty


We have decided to collaborate with bsimple Creations. A company that manufactures their totes here in the USA. bsimple totes are made from washable paper (yep, paper, washable paper!) They are light weight and incredibly durable and turn heads with their simple and bold esthetic. With a patent pending construction that make them hold onto their natural durability. They are stylish and look great with girls and guys alike! The bags hold their shape and can easily be folded and reshaped. The cardboard bottom helps with added support and can easily be removed for washing. YEP, the bags are machine washable! In-fact they have found that washing them makes them stronger and softer. We mostly love this bag because of how Eco-friendly it is while it makes a statement. 

Each tote is individually made, so no two are exactly alike.

  • 19"H x 25"W x 8"D
  • 11" strap drop
  • 1 small inside pocket
  • removable bottom insert


Feel free to freely use this bag. Its versatility and sturdy good looks will make a lasting impression, but drips, crumbs and whoopsies won’t. For best results, we recommend machine washing in warm water on the gentle cycle (remove bottom insert before washing). Machine dry on medium heat for 5–10 minutes to remove excess moisture, and then remove from the dryer while still damp to re-shape. Hang to dry completely.

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