by Meg Spencer June 18, 2017

The kids are definitely celebrating! Are you? I am feeling a little scared as this is the first summer I have nothing lined up. I usually have the summer all planned out with camp, camp, camp and more camp! I would simply drop off and pick up my sun-kissed, exhausted kids. Most parents this time of year panic and think of what to do and how to entertain their tiny humans all summer long. I am now among that group who is a little nervous of how this summer might go.

As scared as I am, I decided this is just what we need. I need more time with them and they need to be home and not always sent away or running around. It is supposed to be a break. One thought I have is having them help more in the kitchen. This plan works especially for those picky little eaters. Exposing them to new tastes and textures will improve their eating habits and understanding of food and possibly sustainability, which is never a bad lesson. I would not mind having a little sous chef around! Learning new recipes together could be very rewarding. Plus, we love to eat what is in season and having a healthy family meal all summer long is just what we need. See below for a quick easy and kid friendly meal or snack!

Even though we are not doing the traditional summer camps we decided to add in some piano lessons and a week at farm camp to help out. I do not want my kids to be burnt out by fall. I want them to be bored and ready to go back to school either, but there is such a thing as TOO MUCH. I read that somewhere... Today kids have too much at their finger tips and need to learn to be bored. I'm thinking, eating more veggies and being a little bored might not be such a terrible plan.

This summer season will certainly be busy with me hustling for FINN & CO. and running around all summer with these littles of mine. Wish me luck! 

Almond Butter Banana Wrap:


  • 1 whole grain or gluten free wrap
  • 1 organic banana 
  • 2 tsp of organic almond butter (or more if you would like)


  • Spread almond butter on the wrap
  • Place banana on top
  • Roll and enjoy! 

Super healthy and kid friendly! There will be more posts for summer, but this was a quick favorite! Sorry, no cute pics this time :( 




Meg Spencer
Meg Spencer


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