December 20, 2018

This year I am heading into the new year with the feeling of solution verse resolution. I do not know about you but I have zero desire to find a new restrictive diet, or fitness plan. I just want to do what works for me. Why add the pressure? I love food, I can actually be a food snob. I think eating well, and eating small portions is the secret, if that helps. I also am a huge believer in movement heals...you have to move that body, and that mind.
So for me this year I decided to continue eating small portions, treat myself, work out, and dig deep in what I consider balance. I need different goals. I need to think about my financials and what lies ahead. How can I sleep better at night? I sometimes need to be more organized and I thrive off structure. I read about this equation and this is what I want to try as 2019 rolls in. It seems simple, but some people struggle to organize it and make it flow. Maybe it is for you too or maybe not, but what is the point if you can't share? If this helps let me know in the comments. I love feed back!
It is a new year, so lets try a new budget....
1. GIVE 10% - I believe if you do good, and help, good comes back to you! It is the power of the universe.
2. SAVE 10% - Saving is so important. This may be a DUH, but for some of us it is a hard thing to do. Do not link your checking and savings. Keep them separate so you can't have that weak moment and transfer. I am guilty of this!
3.INVEST 5% - Invest in going back to school, taking more classes, getting yoga certified, find good stock...something that you can put your money into and get a return. For me personally it is continued education. 
4. SPEND 65% - This is what we use the most. It is paying for our living expenses - house, food, utilities, incidentals, gas etc.) NOT fun, but important.To be honest 65% should be more than enough. If it is not enough than we need to do better at living within our means. Part of the issue is stepping out of your means.This really is about what my goals are heading into 2019 but I wanted to share it with you all. Sometimes you have to give up what you want for now, and by doing so you can become financially free. 
Also- invest in your community. This has nothing to do with the budget as much as getting involved in what you consider home. The sense of community is a powerful thing. 

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