June 15, 2018

Hey everyone! Have I ever really introduced myself or told you how FINN & CO. came to life? Maybe some of you already know me, or perhaps you want to know me better. We live in a society where there are so many bloggers and many influencers who have a huge following which can be quite intimidating for someone just starting out in this whole blog business, like myself. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. I have written several posts already but I want to be real and honest with you and simply become more relatable. This post may not give you a fun recipe, a discount, but maybe it will give someone courage to take a leap into their dreams. I am showing you that I am human, have emotions, and deal with things like LYME disease. More on that subject later-yuck! I wake up like most moms ready to take on the day and by the end of the day I am quite imperfect and reaching for some wine. I am not the most perfect business owner by any means either. I am still growing, dreaming, and self editing. I guess you just have to start somewhere and if you keep moving, dreaming, editing and trying you will arrive where you want to be and possibly where you are meant to be.  
Since I can remember my mother and sister considered me a product junkie. I loved the smells and textures of things. I have also been someone who loves to write and create things to share. I did not know I would ever truly design my own brand or start something of my own the way that I have. I did not know my purpose and did not think about my future at all. I was way to social as a kid and being amongst friends was all I cared about. Maybe that is normal in the teen years? I did not notice the things I was truly good at. I was simply just me with no worries in the world. This is a blessing in disguise as it is hard to take a leap into something. That something can be as simple as DEEP SEA DIVING, PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS, HORSE BACK RIDING,  OPENING AN ART GALLERY, you name it. I am fortunate to have parents who allowed me to try things whether I stuck it out or not. Nobody really wants to know my childhood so I will skip forward a bit. Now flashing forward to me in college it still looked an awful lot like my teen years of just being super social, wanting to wander around NYC and be part of the party.  I was taking classes like art history, english and dance too so at the time I felt on top of the world. I had no idea what I would even do with all that to be honest, but I was deeply intrigued by the art world and thought maybe someday I will be an artist. When I started to feel prepared to truly think about my career moves  the tragic day of 911 happened. It was terrifying to the core. The sadness and darkness brought me down. I could not leave my campus for two weeks, and cell phones were down for two days. The tragic event caused lots of worry and anxiety and still haunts me today. I realized then I was homesick, and I wanted to hit my pause button. In my adult life I have become a huge fan of "hitting pause."
I spent my time at home working jobs like dental assisting and taking classes at the local university. I was not happy and totally lost. I was a hostess, and I hated it. I started to develop fears about not being good enough to do things. I started to have a lot of self doubt. I am not sure where this all came from as I was so social and never intimidated by to much. Since I had the dance back ground my mother surprised me with private Pilates lessons. Moms truly know best. Pilates was something that saved me and put me back on my track. It certainly pulled me out of my little FUNK. I pursued extensive trainings so I could teach classes and private lessons on all of the equipment. I had my own in home studio. I started a more positive path and owning the things I was good at. I even became certified to teach Gyrotonic. It is a beautiful way to move. If you have a chance please look it up! I have the gift of gab so talking and teaching was easy for me. My dance back ground gave me insight on certain movements and how to properly explain them to my clients. As good as this all sounds I still had many challenges ahead that have really shaped me into the business owner I am today.
Along the way I met my hubby Chris, and we started a life together pretty rapidly. It was love at first sight! As corny as that sounds it is true. Before starting a family I went back to school to get my aesthetics license. Here comes the product junkie that I was always known to be. I guess you could say it manifested. I wanted to grow my business. I wanted to offer classes to help woman and men become more aligned and strong, but also pamper themselves with natural skin treatments. I think I am someone who likes to nurture others. I was passionate about all of the above. I started mixing and making my own serums, face and body oils. Next thing I know the crafty side of me starting to come out more and more. I started mixing and making things for friends and gifting these products. My friends were always amazing at supporting my ideas and giving feed back. I designed labels and teamed up with a local printer who is still dear to me today. I launched FINN & CO. shortly after I knew I was having a baby girl and her name is Finnley.  I always liked the name Finn and I felt strongly that I needed to do something with that. It was my mother who gave me the space to talk it all out and really love the names. My eyes were filled with happy tears when she gave me the courage to say "this is it".  
My Pilates studio sadly closed when I had to much going on. FINN & CO. started to grow as did my belly and working out with clients got harder and harder. I could not keep up with it all and became overwhelmed with my new role as a mom and a business owner. My first bump in business was my health. Having an emergency C-Section is no joke! I did not bounce back, and so business took a back seat. I had to nurture my new babe and myself. After a lot of time to think about the company on my maternity leave I knew I had to jump back in and edit. Even though my friends and family gave me incredible feed back and encouragement the market was not ready for all these oil based products I created. This was about seven years ago. People kept asking me if I had fragrances. I started to craft up what is known as whitesand and blacksand today. I just kept blending and mixing until I felt like I was creating a product that I loved, wanted to share and showed off my design style. I did have some help along the way with some super talented people. You need a team no matter what! Am I being picked up by Estee Lauder??? NO, but that is ok. I have amazing partners who have supported me all these years and I support them right back. When I got to big to make stuff myself it was my friend and also sales manager who suggested I connect with a manufacturer. I was scared of that because I wanted to stay small, and I wanted to stay in control of it all. Well, the bump I hit here is you have to delegate a bit and I did not do that to well. I also had no idea what I was getting myself into and did not know what a standard was. A standard was the key thing needed in place before production. Since we did not have that we ended up getting fragrance bottles labeled in-correctly, and they showed up banana yellow, not white and brown like they are now. Since we did not have that standard it was money out of my pocket but I had to move on and sell what I could. I had to keep telling my story and pushing forward with all that I had done right. The other major bump was the same thing happened with our jars for our creams. I actually had the standard in place but we lost so much time in fixing some errors ( not our doing) we lost business. Now to wrap this up a bit...FINN & CO. still has its moments that cause a lot of stress and worry along the way. I am still growing my business and I am still learning and finding my place in such a crowded market. I truly believe there is room for me and woman just like me who want to pursue their dreams. Nobody is alike and everyone has something to give. I wake up lately still asking myself what my purpose is? Will FINN & CO. keep growing? Will it evolve into something else like my other businesses? There are so many steps to start a business but there are steps everywhere you go. All I have done and learned is to listen to my gut, my dreams and my heart.
I now have two kids Finnley and Mason. They are both my pride and joy. However, the mother-hood struggle is real people. Many of you reading this are probably on board with the struggle. The entrepreneurship struggle is also real. It is hard to do it all and do it all well. I still do not sleep half of the time but I think that is just part of both jobs. I am grateful for my path. I chose it, I own it, and I will work for it. 
Do not worry about the outcome, or if you will make it or not. Just start it up, keep moving forward and don't look back. You are capable of creating that life you want. I am still working on mine it is who I am. The adventure is not over, never is, so embrace it. Saw this and loved it,  "breathe in the good shit, exhale the bullshit".  Not a bad mantra to have on your side when your making big life changes. 
I would not be doing what I am today if I did not have the help and guidance from those kind enough and loving enough to give it to me. I am forever grateful and want to give it back.
*Love to take naps
* Love anything that makes me feel like a dancer
*Love to read and write
*Love being home with my fam
*Love the beach
* Love nachos and tacos 
Thank you for reading!! XO Meg 

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