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Hey there friends! Here is a health update and perhaps secret? How many of you know I have chronic Lyme Disease? How many of you have it? How many of you are even aware of it? It is no secret at that this thing called Lyme Disease is on the rise here in the North East. I am nicely saying CHECK yourself! This may not be new news for some of you but it is important and I am all for awareness. Lets talk about it and lets share it. 
It has been a long two years so far trying to understand Lyme. It has affected not only my health and well being but my family and friends. I thankfully have lots of love and support and I will be forever grateful. You know who you are wink-wink!
Let me rewind a bit. One day in the fall of 2016 I woke in a very debilitating state. I had aches and pains, was drenched in sweat, felt queasy, pounding head ache, and major dizziness. It was like the flu full throttle only it never went away. In-fact it got worse each day. I could not eat nor drive my kids anywhere and my poor husband had to be home from work often. My parents had to help me drive places. My friends got random calls in the night from me in a very anxious state. I had family and friends telling me I had diabetes or cancer based on my symptoms. They were only trying to help of course. Finally I went to see my primary care physician to get checked and lots of blood work. I mean vials and vials of blood work. The results came back negative on almost every test I had except the Lyme. The only problem is DOC#1 felt it was a false positive. Thankfully, my DO who I see every six weeks looked over my blood work and immediately reacted with "you have Lyme". I was deficient in vitamin b-12, D, among other things. It was an obvious sign that my immune system was being over worked, but why? I bounced from doctor to doctor after that feedback. I actually like and respect all the doctors I have seen so I will not share names or shed negative light on them. It is simple, their beliefs and treatment methods were all different and not for me. We shall leave it at that. Currently DOC #4 has been the most Lyme literate.  Her attitude is no BS and lets get rid of this SH*$! By the way Lyme literate is a key term when searching for a doctor who can help you and guide you.
 I do not remember a tick bite or a rash. I spent years on Nantucket where the deer tick population is high. Maybe I got bit when I was rolling around those ACK beaches? We are talking twenty years ago. I also live in Maine where there are lots of nasty ticks around. I worry that my kids will get bit and then become sick. There are so many natural treatments out there to ward off ticks and other bugs but...and this is a big but...I still think DEET is the only thing that really works! Yes DEET is bad in ways - I know, I know! Since living with Lyme I think I will take a small percentage of DEET around my ankles from now on. Why ankles? The ticks typically crawl up the legs. They can also fall from trees or be hiding in the bushes, so watch yourself! Someone once said I should wear duck tape around my pant leg. UMMMM, since I do love fashion I think I will still use DEET. As someone who loves natural and organic everything I choose DEET. I think around 17-20% is effective enough. The more you know and the more cautious you are you can prevent yourself from sickness. There is no saying when I got infected but since it is two years into the fight it is clear it is chronic, and taking its toll. Lyme has burrowed into my muscle tissue and spinal chord. 
For me it is very frustrating. People see me and look fine, great, happy and rested! First off, I am a mother. What mother is really rested? Aside from motherhood I have a disease and my insides would like to tell you another story. Below is a chart that lists the basics of Lyme and Coinfections. Yup, you most likely have one if not two of these infections. Treating Lyme is difficult but trying to figure out which Coinfection you are battling is a big challenge and a long process. You can expect to feel like a lab rat for a while. I have done everything natural from in-fared saunas, chrystals, massage, acupuncture, herbs, cleanses, homeopathic medicines and more! Currently I am taking strong antibiotics ( 3 in-fact) twice a day. I take that vitamin B-12 and D since I was so low. I continue with the natural methods above as they all help with inflammation. I was worried all this would damage my gut health, but so far with a healthy diet and strong probiotic I feel I am ok and actually starting to heal. I have joined support groups and constantly educate myself. I trust my current doctor and the prognosis is good. It is the best I have felt in a long long while. 
Here is another pic. Not a chart like above but me and how I really feel most of the time. I can still look fancy and be ill. Yes, I am better but to be honest it is a process and one that can take years. My goal is to be 90% healed and right now I am like 60%.  I decided to simplify and edit my life, more on that later. I am happy, I am surrounded by love and I am deeply humbled. I am passionate and above all my heart is open. Sorry the pics are so small maybe you can zoom in to read them better.
Thank you for reading! XO Meg 


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September 17, 2018

I feel your pain (literally) and also your frustration. Back 22+ years I became inundated with multiple symptoms that had no explainable origin. 6 months of visiting specialist after specialist, undergoing numerous testing, blood viles galore and one spinal tap I still had NO answers. I was a young mom with 2 vibrant girls under 5. It was debilitating and beyond frustrating. I thought I was dying. It took a friend of a friend to reach out and tell me straight out to seek out an infectious disease doctor with Lyme experience. I spent thousands of dollars, due to out of network provider, to finally have blood testing sent out to California for proper western blot testing. Then finally a positive for Lyme as well as babesiosis (another tick borne disease). 3 months of oral doxycycline followed by 3 of IV antibiotics made progress in my healing. Then came my digestive issues. It was a long road to wellness.
Still to this day, almost 22 years later, I still experience sporadic flair ups of the many symptoms that marked my illness. I no longer treat them with medication. I find that if I ride them out they do go away on their own. But I can tell you how many ER trips and doctor office visits I have made over these years. From fear of heart attack because of chest pain, to numbness and tingling in various body parts. Only to be talked off the anxiety ledge and told that “you are ok”, “there is nothing wrong with you”. So yes, I feel your desperation, exhaustion, and fear. And I too thank my supporters. Family, friends and coworkers too. Because they lived through and helped me through my pain and fear and depression. My husband is my soul mate and when he signed up for “in sickness and in health” he had no idea 😘. That’s my story. I hope it helps others and I tried to make it as brief as I could. Because lord knows I could go into detail that would become a small novel.
Feel better and be strong, it will slowly get better.

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