by Meg Spencer January 28, 2017

* To own really cute work out clothes, but only work out in the old ugly beat up stuff!

* To love and crave sweating!

* To not own a scale and just skinny jeans.

* To not have a fitness app on your iphone.

* To be annoyed with all the different fitness advice out there. Just follow what makes you feel good.

* To work out with rap music.

* To take baby steps towards your goals.

* To listen to your body but to also give yourself a kick in the butt!!

* To take a breathe, smile often, and love yourself.

* To work out like a beast one day and then do something totally opposite the next.

* To have role models who hardly speak of fitness they just live it.

* To wear yoga pants any where and any time. Yes please!

* To not care what others think about you when your working out. 

* To laugh at yourself.

* To be training for nothing but life. The good life you want to live. To prove nothing to anyone but yourself.

I have had so many fitness thoughts as I enter into 2017. It is always nice to jot your feelings and goals down. There is no pressure here. These are fitness thoughts. Fitness can be as unique as you are. What is important is that you move, break a sweat, laugh, breathe, push yourself but also give yourself a break. There is no negative competition here, it is about you kicking your own ass and having a healthy release. As I type this I am contemplating eating left over birthday cake, turning up my rap music and busting out a sweat! I will be wearing very old leggings, a hoodie that I wore during both my pregnancies. It is broken in and beyond comfortable. I do not care. I save my Lululemon and other fancy yoga clothes for my casual date nights. Hey it is ok!


Meg Spencer
Meg Spencer


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