September 07, 2018

 As summer comes to a close (BYE) we are trying to fit in every single thing we wanted to do this summer. The bus has already come and gone, YUP,  we are here now back into the swing of things. We are still convinced it is still summer though so the transition from summer to fall will be interesting. Who is with me?

Oh to be little, limber and brave. These are the years you never get back but want to hold onto. These are the years that show in the wrinkles around your eyes and corners of your mouth. I am a modern woman and would surely love some botox here and there (no judgment please) but why do I want to erase these moments and memories? Beauty is all about the inside showing on the outside, am I right? My age tells a story about who I was, where I have been, what I dream, how I sleep, and worry....there is a story in us all. Even in these small un aged faces you can see that story starting to shine through.  

They say kindness is learned but courage I believe is truly a gift from within. Even the most shy child has the courage we just need to guide them and nudge them along the way.  As I sit here and watch my mini tackle the surf life with a pro surfer babe I am able to pause and be grateful for my surroundings. The salty air, the big ship floating in the distance and the beautiful sound of surf meeting my toes in the sand. I am able to see she is taking this lesson on with a positive fun loving attitude - thank goodness because that could have changed this whole post or maybe NO post at all. I write or doodle based on my inspirations, so they come and go! Occasionally I look away and feel the salt in my hair, the sun kissing my cheek bones as this day was a little chilly. To be honest I think I zoned out a bit finding myself super relaxed. I quickly refocus on my little surf girl like a true mom on alert and all I felt was such joy.


Lately, I am all about the pause button. I have mentioned this in my previous posts. Get use to it...PAUSE...PAUSE...PAUSE. Within this coast, this state, this country still strong and beautiful there are many hidden treasures if you simply hit pause and search. Find the good not the bad. There is ugliness and negativity everywhere we turn today - fake news or not. Listen to your gut and heart always. I choose to see the good, embrace it and return that vibe back into the universe. Do you believe in the power of the universe? Or maybe YOLO? Right now I believe in the power of the ocean and my brave Finn. 

 We are fortunate to live so close to the sea. Have you seen our prints?  Finnley (aka Finn) our mermaid  is reminding me to sit, get sandy, and breathe that salty air in deeper and deeper. Is it the iodine? Is is the fluidity? I am not sure but it calls me , and quite honestly I am listening. Someone once told me to sit close to nature to help you heal or to simply reboot.

My turn on the board next so EEKK! Will I get up or will I fall? As someone always afraid to fail....falling comes next to that. It has been so long since I have just plunged right into the ocean. I use to dive right in! Is there a shark or monster below? What if a seal head pops up? Those who know me, know I am skittish with certain things...normally squirrels but who knows maybe there is a sea squirrel? The magic is in the trying, the believing, the wanting, the dreaming, and the willingness to learn. The fear will dissipate as I allow the fun to sink in. I want the rush, to be refreshed and to prove that my mind and body can still do what it has always wanted. Since battling lyme I will do anything that heals me from the inside out. Spending time with my girl on the water is a perfect dose of VITAMIN SEA and VITAMIN F-this!!!! I no longer want to live in fear, but to live in love. Just sitting here watching her gives me all these amazing salty vibes. Thank you Finn and thank you SUN, SALT AND SEA for giving me a dose of inspiration, humility, humor, fun, peace, and reflection. 

Out of the mouth of babes: "Mom today was my bestest day"



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