by Meg Spencer October 16, 2016

One question I am often asked is "What inspired the two signature fragrances of FINN & CO.?" There are several answers, but the easiest, and perhaps truest, one is this: Nantucket and Maine. I was fortunate to grow up in Maine, by the loon-filled lakes and the rocky coast, and have lived there all my life. However, most of my summer memories are of time spent on ACK. If you do not know what ACK stands for, then you should book your trip to Nantucket immediately!

As much as I do love Maine, my main stay and the place where I truly call home, Nantucket was my home away from home, and a very special place for me growing up. My memories of Nantucket are strong and vibrant, and live within Black Sand and White Sand – my two signature fragrance oils.

The Nantucket I grew up exploring was the perfect blend of food, shopping, and long days at the beach. As a teenager, Nantucket represented a glowing tan, catching the biggest wave, summer flings, driving in open jeeps with the wind in our hair, juice bars, and the occasional mystical foggy morning.


Nantucket was a place of firsts for me – my first job was at The Wauwinet as a waitress in training, a beautiful place to stay and considered vintage now to the island. I also experienced my first hangover and my first skinny dip on the island! It was a magical place for a teenager, full of excitement and possibility. It was a place where my sister and I put away our differences long enough to explore the island together, seeking new adventures and sampling new flavors of juice. Sometimes it felt like time stood still on Nantucket. I took my closest friends to the island, dozens of times, and we still laugh at the memories we made.  


If you're not familiar with the island – Nantucket is a charming island about 30 miles off Hyannis on Cape Cod. The island is 14 miles long and 3.5 miles wide. Hard to think you could ever get lost, but trust me, you can – and not just in its simple beauty and charm. Part of the beauty is the unpainted cedar-shingled buildings and manicured privet. The town of Nantucket has wharves and cobblestone streets which are lined with restaurants, high-end boutiques and churches. The town's whaling museum tells the tale of what the island once was, a 19th century whaling hub.

Nantucket's history is scattered around the island for those who wish to see it. When vacating the island take the slow boat and have your penny ready to toss overboard while passing the Brandt Point Light House. Legend says that all who toss a penny will return to Nantucket. I know this to be true because I've tossed more pennies than I can count, and so far I have always returned. Folk lore or not, I believe. Not only do my memories haunt me, but the beautiful history of this island is certainly enchanting for a life time for all. Though time has passed, and I have grown up, the island still radiates the same charm it did when I was young. I am forever inspired by my home-away-from-home, and carry it with me in my Black and White Sand fragrances. Wherever I am, whomever I'm with, I will always go back to ACK.



Meg Spencer
Meg Spencer


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